All-American classic fun food - smokehouse favorites, burgers, hot dogs, and ice cream in a quaint roadside setting

Ollie's Grill n Chill is a full service authentic BBQ smokehouse, offering chicken, beef brisket, pulled pork, ribs, along with the  classic flame-grilled burgers and hot dogs.

Everything is made fresh daily with all natural flavors. Our meats are smoked with true southern recipes and all from scratch. Most importantly is that each bite will reveal the passion and love that we pride ourselves in all of our food.


We're Smokin'

Authentic smoked BBQ, from chicken, beef brisket, pulled pork to ribs. Everything is made fresh daily, from priceless. tried and true southern recipes and all from scratch.

Most importantly is that each bite will reveal the passion and love that we pride ourselves in all of our smoked food. Low and slow is the way we do it. The way it has been done for over the past two centuries, using only hardwoods like oak, hickory, apple and cherry that impart their unmistakable smoky goodness in every morsel.

The flavor starts with our secret spice rubs and marinades that slowly develop from days of covering every inch of the choice meats we hand pick. Then we let them rest before they are put into our huge smoker that continues to add more flavor to each piece of meat.

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We're Grillin'

Without a doubt, the best way to cook burgers and hot dogs is on a hot grill, flame broiled and seared with high heat to lock in the flavor and succulent juices.

We choose top quality ground beef, fresh ground daily from American producers.  Our special "ecolocal" burger is 100% grass-fed LOCAL beef produced from nearby farms.  We proudly serve all-beef Hebrew National hot dogs - THE best hot dogs money can buy. They're Kosher, so you can be assured that they are clean and healthy.

We fresh cut our own regular and sweet potato french fries and sides to make a full platter.

Mid summer we'll be breaking out the big charcoal grill in back, roasting fresh sweet corn and more burgers and dogs, serving them straight to the hungry crowds gathered under the tent.

We're using local ingredients when available and within budget.

You've never had fast food this tasty!

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We're Chillin'

Ice Cream.  We all scream for it.  And we'll have both hard and soft ice cream cones, shakes and other assorted chilly creations to top off that meal.  We don't make our own (the smoker takes most of our attention), but we will serve the best.  For the soft serve, we will feature an ALL NATURAL vanilla, chocolate and twist.  No powders, no hydrogenated oils, just real stuff from real dairy and plant-based thickeners.  And for the hard ice cream, we feature Giffords of Maine.  If you've been to Maine, then you know.  It's the best ice cream in the northeast, if not the whole country.  It's still family operated, sourcing milk from small New England dairymen.

We believe good ice cream stands on it's own.  Considering that, we will offer just a few toppings and treats.  Don't worry, we'll have hot fudge sundaes!

Don't forget to bring your best friend.  Ollie loves dogs, and he wants your pup to enjoy a doggie dish of soft ice cream, topped with a doggie treat!


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Come see us soon...

We are a mere 4 miles east from downtown Saratoga Springs.  Take the short drive and discover a countryside oasis, and lots of free parking!